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Connecting to Edon Guidelines & Rules Building a Character Crafting in Edon

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Connecting Guidelines & Rules Characters Crafting General Information

Edon and the lands therein have been constantly changed and updated as a reflection of the team's desire to keep the Neverwinters Nights module as fresh as the day it was released . Version 7.08.04, the latest update to spring up from the busy minds of past and present development team, sees the creation and introduction of Mythical Lands and Levels. This new content took player characters from the standard level 40 to the god inspiring Level 50.

As the result of an ever evolving story-line, the new module was given a new name. Drow Wars became ALOE when an uneasy truce was called for between the Drow and Surfacers as they turned their attention to a new and greater threat. Demon Scourge now roam the lands and will stop at nothing until Edon is wiped clear of all other life. They cannot be bargained with; no truce will ever be forthcoming.

The ALOE community is a reflection of the passion that our players still have for the game. They are generous in spirit and in nature, helping new and returned players to find their way and encouraging all to immerse themselves in the stories of both the server and of personal characters. The lands have an active and enthusiastic group of DM's who are more than willing to provide help and add further entertainment to the server's denizens.

Player Information

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