Getting the right gear is very important for a caster cleric. You need:

  1. Gear to improve spells
  2. Gear to reduce incoming damage
  3. Gear to add melee and ranged attack options

Gear to improve spells[]

The most important consideration for a caster cleric is number of level 9 spell slots. With optimal gear and runes, you can end up having 18 level 9 spell slots, which is a lot of firepower. Combined with melee abilities, this gives you tremendous casting stamina. Some gear which gives this naturally is:

  • Lara's Ascension
  • Greater Rings of the Cleric
  • Dragon Helm of the Cleric
  • Superlative cleric plate armour

Superlative cleric robes have level 6, 7 and 8 spell slots. This is alright, though ultimately not as useful for a caster cleric as a level 9 spell slot. These robes are better suited to cleric/monk fighter clerics due to the Extra Turning feat on them which is used to power Divine Might and Divine Shield.

After this gear, you can also put spell runes on other gear which does not have level 9 slots naturally. Note: do not put spell runes on gear which has natural spell slots - you will ruin it. Therefore, you should also try to get a torch to hold in your offhand to spell rune, or a shield if not taking monk. The Shield of Prator is useful.

Getting a staff for a caster cleric will also give your spells +1 DC, which is useful. Because you will be weapon swapping a lot between staff, melee and ranged weapons, you do not want to rely on the staff for attribute bonuses. Therefore, you can probably get away with a simple looted staff, although there are a couple of player deed cleric staffs, like Lara's Arna's Staff of the Sun or Wilson's Walking Stick.

Gear to reduce incoming damage[]

Although caster clerics do not use AC that much, it still makes sense to try and get gear with decent AC. The exception is your cloak. A Cloak of Staunch Defender will greatly reduce your incoming damage by giving good physical damage resistance. You can fill in the deflection AC gap by casting Shield of Faith.

Gear to add melee and ranged attack options[]

You should also try and have a few options for melee attacks, and ranged attacks if you took Zen Archery. If monk, your best choice is a superlative kama. If you took Zen Archery, your best choice for a ranged weapon is a superlative silk sling.

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