Skills can be an important part of Caster Clerics. Rogue multiclassed clerics with high intelligence will get many skill points to use.


Your most important skill is concentration. This prevents you from being interrupted by an attack when you are casting a spell. You should aim to get this to the maximum 43 by level 40. This can be done by either taking a cleric level at 40, or continuing to put points into it in mythic levels.


If you get your heal skill ridiculously high (over 100 using gear), you can even use basic healing kits in place of expensive heal potions or heal spells.


Taken through a rogue, monk or shadowdancer multiclass, Tumble gives you extra AC for every 5 tumble ranks. It is worth taking to 40, which will necessitate taking monk or rogue at level 37 or higher.


Persuade is useful to convince merchants to give you more gold when you scrap loot. However, you may need additional other skills available only to rogue multiclassed clerics to get the best use out of this.


Spellcraft is marginally useful. It increases your saving throws against DC’s (though this is not that important), and 25 is needed if you intend to take Epic Heal. It is also used to counterspell. A cleric can counterspell heal quite effectively, though you will not use it often.


Some points in lore to identify items as they are picked up can be handy.

Open Locks[]

Open locks can be very handy for a rogue multiclassed cleric. However, since your dexterity will be so low, you will need to rely on gear to boost your open locks skill.

Disarm traps[]

Like open locks, though not really as useful.

Use Magic Device[]

This is really only useful for three reasons. The first is using a sorcerer or druid staff. The second is you can use arcane archer bow and ammunition. This can allow your arrows to hit quite hard with Zen Archery. However, neither of these choices are that useful since you won’t get that much benefit out of a sorcerer staff and using a bow will mean not using a torch, which results in one less spell rune slot. The third, more useful use of Use Magic Device is to use Lara’s Ascension if playing an evil cleric.

Hide and Move Silently[]

Hide and Move Silently are necessary skills for shadowdancer caster clerics to use Hide in Plain Sight. Not that useful if you do not have shadowdancer.

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