To connect to Edon you must have:

Haks that must be installed[]

Download the appropriate CEP 2.3/2.4 file from the Neverwinters Vault. Once the transfer is complete, extract its contents to a temporary folder. Then move the files into their correct folders (e.g. All .tlks into the tlk folder and all .haks into the hak folder).

The Edon community hak file can be downloaded from the below link:

Edon Haks:

Edon tlk:


Portrait and Soundset Unlocker:

If the link no longer works then please leave a message on the Neverwinter forums and a DM will help you out with a new location.

Contact can be made here:

Backup location (Alkarl's home server):

Location of the servers[]

The server is located at: ALOE

Windows Users:

If you wish to make shortcuts to them on your desktop, create a shortcut to NWNMAIN.EXE which contains one of the following Targets

C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\nwmain.exe +connect

The above assume that your copy of NWN has been installed in the folder C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN