Edon has specific ways of dealing with clerical topics such as death, healing and religion.

Death and the XP Debt System[]

When a character dies, no experience points are removed from the character's total. Instead, they get a death penalty to experience gain. This penalty is a debt of a number of experience points that is scaled to the character's level - a level 1 character that dies will have a very small debt, whilst a level 39 character will have a much larger one.

Whilst a character has a death penalty debt, they only receive 50% experience. The other 50% is put towards paying off the debt. Every time a character kills a monster they get a message on how much XP they just earned, how much was removed to pay off the debt, how much of the debt is still owed, and what your total XP score needs to be before you begin to receive 100% XP again.

If a character continues to die whilst they have a current XP debt, they will continue to accrue additional debts until the maximum debt cap is reached, which will generally be character level x 1,000.

The table below shows the debts received at each level and what the maximum debt will be should the character suffer multiple deaths.

Table of XP debts received at each level


A character will only receive the full XP debt however if they use the Guardian in fugue to revive themselves. If they are resurrected by a party member, they will receive the following reductions to the debt:

If they are raised by an item which casts 'Raise Dead' or 'Resurrection', the penalty is reduced by 10%.

If they are raised by cleric with the spell 'Raise Dead', the penalty is reduced by 15%.

If they are raised by a cleric with the spell 'Resurrection', the penalty is reduced by 25%.


Edon contains several items purchasable from NPC stores or player crafters which allow an enhanced use of the 'heal' skill.

Aside from standard heal kits, there are four items specific to Edon - Healing Lotion, Healing Ointment, Healing Salve, and Healing Elixir. The lotion, ointment and salve are purchasable from NPC temple stores, whilst elixirs are crafted only. Each of these items works by multiplying the character's heal skill check by a certain number. The lotion multiples it by 1.5, the ointment by 2, the salve by 2.5, and the elixir by 3.

In game, this will mean that a character with heal skill 40 who uses an elixir will heal (d20 roll + 40) x 3. This would give a total ranging from 123 hit points to 180 hit points. This skill check will take into account skill modifiers such as the character's Wisdom bonus, feats, and any items that add to the skill.


Characters are free to adopt any deity as their patron upon character creation as they wish. When a character with a patron deity dies, there is a small percentage chance that their patron deity will revive them before they get sent to fugue. This chance is only available after a character uses the 'pray' option on the emote wand, increases as the character goes up in level, and prevents the character from receiving an XP debt.

After character creation, a character may adopt a new patron deity from Eve on Emrys Isle. However, there are also some deities native to Edon which can provide the follower with additional benefits. When a character has chosen one of the Edon-native deities as their patron, when they use the 'pray' emote, there is a small chance of receiving an additional benefit. This can be one of several things depending on the deity, such as an additional chance to be revived upon death or a boost to a certain skill.

The following are Edon-native deities. A full list with chapel locations can be found in-game at Eve's Place in Emrys.


Bane - The Black Lord, the god of strife, tyranny and hatred.

Gond - Wonderbringer, the Lord of All Smiths.

Ilmater - The Crying God, the god of endurance, suffering, martyrdom, and perseverance.

Malar - The Stalker, the Beastlord. The god of marauding beasts, the savage wild, bloodlust and the hunt.

Mask - The Lord of Shadows. The god of rogues, thieves, and intrigue.

Mielikki - The Lady of the Forest. The goddess of the woods and those creatures who live within them. She is the patron of rangers.

Oghma - The god of knowledge and invention, Binder of What is Known, and patron of bards.

Sehanine Moonbow - Daughter of the Night Skies, Goddess of Moonlight, the Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery, the Mystic Seer, the Luminous Cloud, Lady of Dreams.

Serena - Goddess of Light.

Tempus - God of war, the Lord of Battle, the Foehammer. He is random in his favours, yet his chaotic nature favours all sides equally.

Torm - The god of duty, loyalty and obedience, the patron of paladins and those who face danger for the greater good.


Da Horde Gods - patron gods of Da Horde.

Death - Death, the Reaper of Souls.

Kiaransalee - Mistress of Vengeance, ruler of the undead.

Janus - Patron of the undead and founder of Aeturnus.

Laduguer - The Exile, Gray Protector, Master of Crate, the Slave Driver, the Taskmaster, the Harsh.

Lolth - Patron god of Drow and spiders.

Nocticula - Demon Drow Goddess. She is the Mistress of Pleasure thorugh the giving and receiving of pain.

Shar - Mistress of Night, Lady of Loss, Dark Goddess.

Vhaerun - the god of thievery and the furthering of Drow power on the Surface world. He is also the patron of Drow males.

Bane, Malar, and Mask can also be regarded as sympathetic to the Underdark.