Previously known as Red Dragon Disciple (Revised Class)

When a dragon disciple is created, the player may chose which draconic heritage the character will draw on. Differing Dragonic heritages offer differing immunities, breath weapons and coloured wings.

  • Dragon Heritage Colour - Immunity and Breath Weapon
  • Red (fire)
  • Blue (lightning)
  • Green (poison/acid)
  • White (cold)
  • Black (acid)
  • Gold (fire)
  • Silver (cold)
  • Bronze (lightning)
  • Copper (poison/acid)
  • Brass (fire)
  • Shadow (negative)
  • Prismatic (magic)
  • Fairy (positive)

Dragon immunities - Instead of getting a 100% immunity to an element at level 10, the dragon disciple is granted a 50% immunity at level 8, which improves to 75% at Dragon Disciple level 18 and 100% at Dragon Disciple level 28.

Dragon Disciple breath weapons are now 1d10 damage per class level, DC is 10+Class Level+Constitution modifier and are usable 3 times per day.

At Dragon Disciple level 12, the Dragon Disciple gains SR equal to Dragon Disciple level +10.

New Epic Bonus Feat option

-Recharge Dragon Breath

-Type of Feat: Class

-Prerequisite: Epic Dragon Disciple.

-Specifics: This feat allows a Dragon Disciple to recover their breath weapon uses without having to have a full rest. Speed at which the ability recharges is random but is dependent on level.

-Use: Automatic

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