EDON COOKIES (On hold and under review 2017)

The objectives of Edon Cookies is to create a framework, so that a variety of player styles can gain access to DM supported features, by carrying out actions we believe will promote the health of the server.

This system is to be trailed over a period of three months, with a cap on the maximum rewards over that period, so no player can request a reward higher than the 10 cookie level (You could get multiple 10 cookie awards in that time, but you can't receive a 20 cookie or 50 cookie award)

A log will be kept in the sticky section of the General thread, where each DM will document their awards. In part that is to provide recognition, but also to provide public accountability and peer review

The following award/reward levels will apply during the trial and may be revalued after the trial period.



One Cookie

• DM sees some player action that they think worthy of reward.

• Player makes a series of story RP thread posts*

• Player creates an adventure session which engages other players

• Player makes a useful post in the suggestion or bug thread

• New/Returning player in Edon

Two Cookies

• Player receives a skill level of 20 in a crafting skill (screenshot of reaching 20 to be supplied as evidence)

• Winning some sort of in game DM organised competition, such as a PvP challenge

• Player delivers a Dev task, eg a class, or new map or extensive release testing*

Five Cookies

• Player creates a multi session adventure (5 sessions), which has engaged other players

• Player takes over a functional role in game and plays it for three (3) months regularly, creating opportunities for others to RP. e.g. “Wise One’, Galdorian Office Holder, Ilharess etc

• Player takes part in and completes a DM series of adventures *

• Player introduces new player to Edon**


One Cookie

• A DM will swap for cash for one rune roll on the forge. Must be DM witnessed

• Tradeable for any one standard loot item up to 15,000 gold in value (not ultra rares and not haste or knockdown) from a DM • Tradeable for 10,000 xp (pre Mythic levels)

Two Cookies

• A DM rename, not including a title

• A temporary VFX (ie. Tails/wings/sparkly vfx). (Must be have shown back story and approval from a DM)

• Tradeable for any one standard loot item up to 50,000 gold in value (not ultra rares and not haste or knockdown)

Three Cookies

• Exchange for any Intermediate Rune

• Monster skin choice from standard list

Five Cookies

• Tradeable for any one standard loot item up to 100,000 gold in value (not ultra rares and not haste or knockdown)

• Any horse of choice outside of standard (saddlebags not included)

Ten Cookies

• A DM personalized item, with a specific name and history. (Dm created and approved)

• A DM rename including a title.

• The awarding of wings, or a tail or a permanent special VFX

• A delevel/relevel of a existing character

• Exchange for Major Rune

Twenty Cookies

• Awarding of a relic weapon deed item (not a deed) from a player no longer active e.g A Wilson’s walking stick, Lara Arna’s staff of the Sun - covers the superlative version

• Monster skin of choice (within reason and a bio/backstory must be DM approved)

Fifty Cookies

• A permanent reference in the world of Edon, Statue or named object, such as an item in the Emrys Epic Shop or an item in the loot table.

  • DM/Dev discretion
    • Confirmation by DM team
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