Horses for Beginners[]

What are horses?[]

In game mechanics terms, horses are primarily a change to the way your character looks. A secondary bonus is the character’s movement rate changes to 70% above normal.

What do I need to get a horse[]

The short answer is some money. A horse trainer has set up in the West Zeigan area and is now offering horses for sale. He has a variety of horses and you will need to pay gold to purchase one from him..

Are there any differences between horses?[]

While the horses have different prices, the differences are cosmetic only.

Do I need ride skill?[]

No, you don’t need any skill levels to ride a horse. You will notice that your tumble skill is significantly decreased while riding a horse. This means that your chance of avoiding an opportunity attack while mounted is significantly reduced. You do not lose the AC from tumble when on horseback.

Can my horse die?[]

The horse is not a separate creature, like an animal companion or a familiar. It has no hitpoints of itself and cannot die.

Can I fight from horseback?[]

Absolutely. There are extra combat and social animations you might enjoy

So how does it work (simple version)[]

Go see the horse trainer, choose your horse and pay your money. You will get a 1 x 1 icon like an arrow head in your inventory. Click on that icon to bring up its special ability and you will summon your horse. Your horse will appear next to you, identified as “your character’s name warhorse/pony/ glue factory candidate”. Select your character’s radial menu and select mount from the horse actions menu. Depending on the number of classes your character has, you may see the horse menu on the special abilities radial menu, or you may see it under the class menu, beneath the special abilities menu. Click on the mount option and then click on your horse. That should see you mounted on the horse. To get off your horse, use the radial menu to select the “dismount” option.

After you have dismounted, your horse will stand next to you and even follow you round as you walk. If when dismounted, you click on the horse, you will get a menu similar to the one for an animal companion. If you select the dismiss option, the horse will vanish, but can be summoned back by clicking on the arrowhead icon in your inventory.

So how does it work (technical version)[]

Neverwinter characters have a range of phenotypes. A phenotype defines the body shape and the spatial relationships of the limbs. When you create a character you choose between the slim and stocky phenotypes. Now there is an extra phenotype which creates the look of a mounted rider.

The Edon horse script changes your character phenotype to the mounted look and then uses the tail slot to modify your character’s look, so that a horse of your choice appears beneath the mounted phenotype.

Hey what’s the story with Undead.[]

To ride a horse there has to be a mounted phenotype for that character’s “skin”. Bioware has provided mounted phenotypes for the basic PC races, but has not done so for monster skins. Hence your dynamic skinned undead or your monster skinned character can’t ride a horse. I have not tested it, but suggest that you dismount before using any shape shift ability.

The Dev Team are looking at what can be done. Don't hold your breath.

Can I go anywhere?[]

A character mounted on a horse, is treated as being a larger size than its normal skin. The Dev Team has not confirmed if this affects knockdown, but do know that it means you can have difficulty passing through doors and gates (as would any over size creature). If you have difficulties passing through an area, The Dev Team suggests that you dismount.

Horse menu?..... What Horse menu?[]

Characters created since 1.69 will have the additional horse options automatically on their radial menus. Characters created before 1.69 will not have that menu functionality. These older characters will need to talk to the Horse Trainer and select the menu option about learning to ride. That will then ask them to log out and when the character re-joins Edon, they will have the ride menu options added to their radial menu.

Where did my head/shield etc go?[]

Depending on what head/shield option you have chosen and whether your system has been updated to CEP 2.2, you may not be able to see your head or shield. Other players who have CEP 2.2 installed should be able to see your head and shield. The first step in rectifying any such issue, is to make sure your system has the haks for CEP 2.2 installed. Some shields do not appear as the default animation has one hand on the reins.

Anything else I should know?[]

The Dev Team suggests that you always dismount before you logout of the game. A few (not all) of the test characters, were stuck in the mounted phenotype when they logged back in, without a horse underneath them. That can be fixed only by a DM, so send a message on the DM channel if it happens or contact us in the IRC channel. Likewise there have been a few issues with characters with existing wings and tails. If, for instance, you end up with a horse on your head (you will know what we mean, when you see it) or you find yourself being unable to mount your horse, it may be because of a clash with existing wings or tails and this will need to be resolved by a DM.

Can I:

  • name my horse,
  • get a pegasus,
  • get a nightmare,
  • custom modify the look of my saddle?

The answer to those questions is “not yet”.

Please understand that there are a very large number of permutations of class/ability/skins/scripts to cycle through. While we try to cover everything, we can’t cover the diversity of builds and characters that the server generates every day.

Credit goes to Shadow 80 and Andre for their implementation.