The new Excelsior Weapon.

The new Excelsior Weapons, are a part of the new Mythic crafting content, and as of the current update, one of the most powerful to be obtained. They are an advanced version of the Talisman weapons, having huge benefits when fighting Dragons. Where the Excelsior weapons differ however, is that they are also suited to hunting Outsiders as well, giving more benefits in combat than standard weapons against these foes. This particular one, the first made, was crafted by Grand Master Iona Le'tent.


  • 1x Rainbow Crystal
  • 1x Eternium Ingot
  • 1x Superlative Gem
  • 1x Talisman Weapon
  • 1x Tier 2 crafting Schematic (In Inventory)

The Quality of these weapons is Masterwork, and therefore requires a high amount of skill needed from a crafter.

Excelsior weapons by weapon type: