What Are Factions?[]

The player characters in edon have the choice of two major factions, Surfacer and Underdark. The choice of faction determines a number of factors, such as the starting city of a character and the quests the character can do. More experienced players are able to take on advanced role-playing options such as monster skins, and which skins a character can choose is also determined by the faction the monster PC will be joining.

Within each faction there are a number of subfactions available, as well as role playing groups that a character can join. Some of the subfactions and groups are listed here:

Surfacer Factions[]

  • Common (basic surfacer faction)
  • Merchant

Underdark Factions[]

  • Drow
  • Rothe (drow slaves)
  • Duergar (dark dwarves)
  • Mortath (underdark merchant)
  • Undead
  • Mercator (undead merchant)


Within the factions are collectives & groups who band together for various reasons: common goals, family ties, religions, business, and more. Groups are focal points for roleplaying, and PC's can be members of several groups at the same time.

Surfacer Groups[]

  • Galdorian League
  • Order of the Arcane
  • Natural Divinity Guild
  • TEAM Spirit
  • GothMog's Dragon Hunters
  • Shadows

Underdark Groups[]

  • Drow Houses:
    • House Le'Tent
    • House La'Throtep
    • House Auvry'ana
  • Other Drow Organisations:
  • Undead Associations:
    • Family Eve'lve