Agents from the higher planes such as these are often in the service of Gods or similar. While Clerics tend to remain in one community, Favoured Souls are more likely to be seen travelling around the world or other planes in the service of their deity.
Favoured Souls are often of Celestial background, or have been chosen at birth to be devoted to their deity. Their powers are characterised by their ability to conjure healing, lightning and light. They also seem to be overflowing with life and can be hard to kill.

- Hit Die: d8
- Proficiencies: Light, Medium, Shield and Simple proficiencies.
- Skill Points: 2+ Int Modifier.
- High Fortitude and Will.
- Medium Base Attack Bonus.
- Cannot be evil.

Class Skills: Concentration, Heal, Lore, Parry, Persuade, Spellcraft, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Craft Armor.

Spellcasting: Invocations (spell failure from armor is not a factor). Charisma is the primary stat, Strength and Dexterity are secondary. Melee/Ranged Touch Attacks and Spell Resistance may apply, see essences/shapes for more details.


1: Strong Soul - +1 to Fortitude and Will saves and +1 to saves vs Death magic.
Light Essence - The Favoured Soul can imbue their invocations with light.
Eldritch Strike - Manifests an essence as a touch attack.
5: Great Constitution 1 - The Favoured Soul gains divine lifeforce.
6: Divine Health - Most diseases are naturally repelled by the divine power of the Favoured Soul.
9: Epic Lightning Resist 1 - The Favoured Soul gains natural resistance to lightning.
10: Great Constitution 2 - The Favoured Soul's divine lifeforce increases.
12: Raise Dead - The Favoured Soul learns to bring the dead back to life.
15: Great Constitution 3 - The Favoured Soul's divine lifeforce increases.
Defensive Roll - The Favoured Soul can escape death.
18: Epic Lightning Resist 2- The Favoured Soul's natural lightning resistance increases.
20: Great Constitution 4 - The Favoured Soul's divine lifeforce increases.

Invocations: At level 2 and every 2 levels after, the Favoured Soul may select a new invocation from the Favoured Soul pool. This invocation does not replace any existing invocations, but cannot be removed without a delevel. New essence and shape type invocations become available at levels 2, 12 and 22.

A list of Favoured Soul Essences can be found here->Favoured Soul Essences
A list of Blast Shapes can be found here->Blast Shapes

Epic Favoured Soul[]

Hit Die: d8.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2+Int Modifier.
Bonus Feats: The Epic Favoured Soul gains a bonus feat every two levels after 20th.

Epic Lightning Resist increases by 10 every 9 levels after level 18.
The innate Raise Dead ability becomes Resurrection at level 21.

Epic Favoured Soul Bonus Feats: Wrath, Light of Truth, Rejuvenation, Rainbow, Aura, Mass Shield, Mass Imbue, Epic Heal, Rebirth, Great Charisma, Great Constitution.