The Galdorian League is one of the role playing groups player characters may join in the world of Edon. A surfacer faction, Lawful Good aligned group, the Galdorians are based in the city of Helios, and generally have their noses stuck into most of what happens there.


The Galdorian League is divided into three main arms; the Knighthood, the Chaplains and the Men-at Arms. Membership of the GL is restricted only by alignment, but a character's class will deermine the branch of service. All characters regardless of class recieve the rank of Aspirant upon being sworn in to the League.

Knights of Galdor[]

To join the Knighthood a character must take at least some Paladin or Divine Champion (Good) in their build. The knights are the mainstay of the Galdorian League, and are what separates the GL from more mundane services such at the Helios Army. Upon being accepted into the ranks of the Knighthood characters recieve the rank of Knight Errant. They can advance to become Knight, Knight Captain and Knight Commander.


Any character with levels in Cleric (or Warpriest) may choose to become a Galdorian Chaplain. These members of the order are responsible for spiritual guidance, healing and ressuection. Beginning Chaplains are Chaplain Elect, then Chaplain, Senior Chaplain then Master Chaplain.

Men at Arms[]

A significant proportin of the members of the Galdorian League are men (and women) at arms, and they fulfil a variety of roles, from magical and ranged support to men of the line. Men at arms can go on to receive ranks of Sergeant at Arms and Master Sergeant.


The Galdorian League is currently headed by a triumverate, one senior member from each of the branches of service.

The Political leader of the League and the chairperson of the council is the Grand Master, chosen from the Knights.

The Spiritual leader of the League is the High Chaplain, chosen, not surprisingly, from the Chaplains

The Militay leader of the league is the General of Helios, chosen from the most experienced and knowledgeable men at arms.