Offensive Behaviour Which May Earn You a Ban[]

  • Attacking PCs without their consent to PvP (unless DM sanctioned)
  • Attacking civilian NPCs without DM consent (excluding guards)
  • Pick pocketing PCs (unless DM sanctioned)
  • Inappropriate use of the DM channel
  • Excessive bad language
  • Excessive OOC
  • Character Hacking
  • Exploiting or Posting Exploits
  • XP Farming
  • Disruptive Play
  • Any behaviour that impacts negatively on the server as deemed by an DM or Server Admin.

Disruptive Play[]

A person's play may be deemed disruptive if their actions are negatively impacting other people either directly or indirectly.

Examples of disruptive play may include but are not limited to:

  • Leaving excessive quantities of items in placeables for extended periods or intentionally leaving excessive amount of items left lying around. These acts have a negative impact on the server and those playing at the time.
  • Bypassing content to complete quests. Left over excessive spawns create unnecessary server load.
  • Leaving and/or bypassing content to get to selected spawns (e.g Demon Spawns, Queen Rage Spiders).
  • High level characters running through low level areas and intentionally leaving dangerous spawns that may impact other players, particularly those with low level characters.
  • Posting exploits or spoilers either on in-game noticeboards or the forums themselves.

Player Use of Traps[]

Please be aware that placing traps in high-traffic areas (be it on the surface, or in the Underdark) falls under the banner of disruptive play, and may result in those responsible being banned.

Note that the "I'm playing an evil character" excuse is not acceptable and damaging other players with traps is also considered "unsanctioned PvP", another bannable offense - see above.

If you do use traps as a weapon in encounters, please collect any untriggered traps afterwards. Please do not leave them lying around.

Passing items to other characters[]

Forge Items[]

Forge items will now have the name text of the item appear in blue. Unbound items will now be named as Unbound Forged <item> of <PCname>". Once an item is attuned to a character, it will forever remain that character's item. Players may hand over crafted Superior or Peerless Equipment to another player if the intent is to immediately upgrade it.

Quest Equipment[]

Most quest equipment is NON DROP and can only be passed over to another character via EXPLOITS. People found with this type of item (beyond the capabilities of their character or level) may be banned.

Use of Banned Tools[]

Using an external and non-official tool to alter the creation of a character which allows wings, non-standard tatoos, tails, etc. is expressly prohibited. There have been discussions saying that, as these settings exist within the data file for a character, and it was "BioWare's oversight" to not incorporate it into character generation, that this tool is a good thing.

It is not a good thing.

The method used by this tool alters the data stream from client to server, and provides the potential for much more harm. As such, and as per rules, this application will not be sanctioned within our servers.

If you are found to be using such a tool, a temporary ban will be placed on the account. If you are found to be using such a tool to "hack" the character (e.g. stat changes, whatever), as usual, a permanent ban will be enforced.

We take game and server security seriously, and quite simply, as the potential exists for real harm to the game, we cannot allow use of this or any simular tool.

Process for Handling DM action Disputes[]

For the most part DMs are happy to play both Admin and Dungeon Master, but occasionally players strongly object to a DM's decision. The following procedure is the official framework to keep order on the servers, and will hopefully eliminate any need for PUBLICLY posting rants about DM/Player interaction. ALL disputes regarding perceived harsh actions will follow this order:

  1. ANY player involved will direct ALL correspondence to the DM concerned first (via private message, NOT the public forum).
  2. Disputed actions passed on to NWN Admin will first check that #1 has been acted on.
  3. If the issue persists, The Head NWN Admin and Assistant will make a final decision based on a Vote by NWN Admin. (NWN Admin not NWN DMs)
  4. ALL banning will have at least 2 Admins (any two) agreeing to it (agreeing doesn't necessarily mean witnessing).
  5. If you have been banned and wish to appeal, please lodge an appeal through @nwn-admins.

Disciplinary Actions[]

Once it has been established that a player has performed an action that is not sanctioned on the server, they will generally go through the following process:

  1. Official Warning
  2. Temporary Ban
  3. Permanent Ban

If a ban is deemed required, then this ban will apply against the CDKEY of the installation and the account used. If a different account is used for the temporary and Permanent ban, they both are banned.

While in the majority of cases, an admin will, or attempt to warn you that your actions are unacceptable, in some cases a ban will be issued instantly. This is in the case of such rules as, but not limited to, cheating, racism, and admin impersonation.

The Importance of Screenshots[]

If you have any problem or enquiry, the DMs are powerless to act upon hearsay or word-of-mouth ONLY. A screenshot must be provided in order to resolve the issue or problem. Please keep this in mind at all times. As a result of this, delays in conflict resolution may be encountered. However, as a result a fairer outcome is anticipated.

Playing Ettiquette - Some things to know about playing in the lands of Edon[]

Enemy Factions[]

Surfacers and Underdarkers are currently adhering to a Cease Fire arrangement. This means that if a surfacer or underdarker is seen attacking guards of the opposing faction, they may well find themselves outcasted.

Outcasts are to be considered enemies of both the Surfacer and Underdark factions.

NOTE: that the use of the jailing wand by those characters in possession of such (as nominated and sanctioned by DMs) is NOT considered consent to PvP. Do not assume you may seek revenge without consent after your release from gaol.

If your character is an outcast[]

While attacking NPCs without DM consent is a bannable offence, Faction guards are not included in this ruling. You may attack opposing faction guards if you so choose. However...

If a PC of the attacked guard's faction "catches" you and wishes to assist the Guards, they must RP challenge the aggressor, set person to Dislike before they attack. If you do not wish to engage in PvP, once an RP challenge has been issued by a member of the guard's faction, you must flee the scene immediately. Not fleeing the scene is considered consent to PvP.

Guards are the ONLY allowable NPC victims as they are not of the merchant faction. Do NOT kill merchants and other NPCs - please PM an admin if it was an accident, and we will look at how to prevent further merchant deaths.

If your character is not an outcast, please note that attacking guards of your own faction will likely lead to your character becoming Outcast!

PvP (Player vs Player) Combat[]

PvP between players is allowed, as long as all participants involved consent to such. Note that PvP challenges must be in character (IC) and that players hiding behind the PvP rules (refusing PvP) while continuing to RP aggression, will not be tolerated! This is considered griefing and will be dealt with harshly.

The Arena Maps have special conditions applied to these areas, - see below for more details.

The following rules apply to PVP:

  1. Unsanctioned PvP attacks (those without DM sanction or opposing PC's consent) are NOT permitted (see below).
  2. Victims of unsanctioned attacks are requested to forward a screenshot to a DM as soon as possible. The guilty will receive punishment (possibly a temp ban).
  3. The parties involved in PvP must set their opponents to "hostile" (dislike) in the Player List screen - this is very important! You may NOT attack a player that is still set to friendly.


Before any PvP can take place, consent must be given by all people involved. If people are in parties and are confronted by an opposing group, consent must be given by all the members.

  • Consent is always given via dialogue e.g Consent is not buffing.
  • Consent can be given by an OOC tell.
  • Consent is given when you enter the Arena Maps.
  • Consent is not given by any form of RP Dialogue.
  • Consent is not buffing prior to a tell to give you permission

Example of Consent via OOC tell:

Surfacer: "Foul Drow, you infringe upon our lands - leave at once!"
Drow: "I think not, you are no match for us..."
Surfacer (tell): "// agree to PvP ?"
Drow: "Think you can take us ? Bring it on ! // yes"
(all parties set the others to hostile/dislike, and battle commences)

Actions considered to be PvP[]

Note that the definition of PvP is not restricted to attacks; the following actions are also considered PvP and are NOT allowed without consent:

  1. Pickpocketing
  2. Disarming.
  3. Casting a damaging spell (even 1HP).
  4. Casting a spell that leaves the PC in a negative state (this encompasses a wide range of actions, including casting True Sight on guards).
  5. Casting a spell that leaves the PC immobilised.
  6. Attacking a character's summons or Familiar

If in doubt - don't do it!


Pick-pocketing characters is to be a roleplayed event only unless DM sanctioned. In the case of NPCs, it is considered a hostile action and should only be performed on select NPCs where it is clearly indicated in quests that pick-pocketing of that particular NPC is acceptable. (Ask a DM if you are unsure)

XP Farming[]

  1. PCs are permitted to hunt with whoever they wish provided ALL members of the party are contributing equally to the fight and taking equal risk. There is an XP penalty for those characters who are out of "level range" of their comrades to counter power leveling. Be aware that higher level characters have higher level monster spawns and do not take your lower level characters to places in a higher level party that you know your character could not handle alone or in a close level range party.

All members of a party MUST participate in the fight.

  1. Camping known high XP spawns that have yet to be tweaked. If you know it's giving too much XP then don't camp it (and please let the dev team know).

Note that this is not a complete list - if in doubt, ask (or just don't do it).


We consider roleplay to be important and one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. We wish to encourage EVERYONE to roleplay as much as possible. In order to encourage continuing roleplay on the server, please note that the DMs do grant rewards for good RP.

We have outlined PvP guidelines and provided an arena for 1v1 (along with the Chaos Field for Party v Party), but we expect that heated roleplaying sessions between factions CAN and WILL occur. When roleplaying in regular areas, please abide by these guidelines.

Character Naming[]

Edon is first and foremost a roleplaying Server, and as such suspension of disbelief is a key requirement from all players. The name a player assigns to a character is usually the first contact that character has with the rest of the world and sets a recurring tone for all future interactions.

As such Edon DMs abide by the naming rules for the server and will require a player to rename a character, where they feel that character’s name is unacceptable.

Criteria for a DM renaming on a character, include where a DM determines:

  1. that the name is rude, offensive or blasphemous (e.g. Black Buddha)
  2. that the name is that of a fictional god or divine being (e.g. Bane)
  3. that the name infringes a copyright or a trademark (e.g Batman)
  4. that the name is that of a current or historical figure (e.g. George Washington)
  5. that the name is anachronistic and as such disrupts the suspension of disbelief (e.g. T-1000)
  6. that the name is either that of, or a close derivative of, another fictional character, whether from written media, cinema, television or other computer games (e.g Grundalf, or Foxey Sculley)

A good character name is important; not only does it affect how you perceive your, character it shapes how others perceive you. When coming up with a name, spend some time thinking about your origin and how that affects your choice of name. Where do you come from? Who were your parents? Do you have siblings? How does your name reflect your background?

Playing Ettiquette[]

Some tips on making your play time in Edon easier.

  • Always log out with the emote wand
  • If you must step away from your computer for an excessive period of time, DO NOT leave your character parked in the middle of major towns, please log and relog when you are free. DMs will 'boot' your character from the server if they feel you have been AFK for an excessive period of time, particularly during peak playing times on the server.
  • Please don't overtake people on a hunt and steal spawns
  • Sharing loot - It is considered general courtesy to share loot equally between party members. In regards to valuable loot finds, please reveal you have picked up the item and roll a dice for ultra rare, very sort after items or runes.