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Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Barbarian.

Specifics: The barbarian may rage, gaining a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage, +4 to Constitution and +2 to all Will saving throws, in exchange for a -2 penalty to Armor Class. The barbarian may use this ability once per day at first level, +1 use per day at level 4, and every 4 levels thereafter, extending into epic levels.

Use: Selected. At 15th level, the rage ability becomes greater rage, giving the barbarian +3 to attack and damage, and +6 to Consitution and +3 to Will saves (the -2 penalty to Armor Class still applies).

Blinding Speed[]

Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: 21st level, Dex 25+

Specifics: The character is able to increase their speed, gaining +4 dodge ac and an extra attack per round, once per day. The effect will last 10 rounds.

Use: Selected.

Thundering Rage[]

Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Epic Barbarian or Epic Frenzied Berserker, Strength 25.

Specifics: Any weapon wielded while in rage or frenzy does an additional 2d6 points of damage on a critical hit. There is a 50% chance for a creature hit by one of the weapons to deafened for 3 rounds.

Use: Automatic while in Rage or Frenzy.

Terrifying Rage[]

Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Epic Barbarian or Frenzied Berserker, Intimidate 25 ranks.

Specifics: While the character is raging or frenzying, any enemy that comes close to him must make a Will save opposed by the player's Intimidate check or becomes panicked for 1d6 rounds. Opponents with up to twice the character's Hit Dice will not flee but will receive a -2 penalty to attack and saving throw rolls. Creatures with more then 2x the character's Hit Dice are not affected by the rage.

Use: Automatic while in rage or frenzy.

Hide In Plain Sight[]

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Shadowdancer level 1, Ranger level 21, Stalker level 16, or Rogue bonus feat.

Specifics: The shadowdancer is able to use the Hide skill even while being observed. Note: This ability will not always be successful in the frenzy of combat -- but disengaging from the enemy before attempting to hide in plain sight will succeed.

Use: Automatic.

Shadow Evade[]

Type of Feat: Class

Prerequisite: Shadowdancer level 4.

Specifics: Three times per day the shadowdancer can call upon the shadows in the area to help conceal her. She gains a 15% concealment bonus, damage reduction of 5/+1 and a +1 AC bonus. The effect lasts for 5 turns + 1 per 2 class levels. This improves to 20% concealment, 5/+2 damage reduction, and +2 AC bonus at level 6 and at level 8 it becomes 25% concealment, 10/+2 damage reduction and +3 AC. At level 10, Shadow Evade grants 30% concealment, 10/+3 damage reduction and a +4 AC bonus. Concealment increases by 5% every 5 epic levels.

Use: Selected.

Epic Dodge[]

Type of Feat: General (Epic)

Prerequisite: 21st level, Dexterity 25+, Dodge, Tumble 30 ranks, Improved evasion, Defensive roll.

Specifics: This feat causes a character to automatically avoid the first successful attack or the first (possibly unsuccessful) attack of opportunity in a round (not simply the first attack in a round). Epic Dodge only applies to a character's current target or latest attacker.

Use: Automatic.

Note: On Edon, Dodge is a prerequisite for Epic Dodge.