The pinnacle of crafting is attained when a character is awarded the title of Mythic Crafter, but getting there entails a great deal of work.

The first official step cannot be taken until the prospective crafter has reachaced at level character level 6. Before then, the quartermaster will refuse to assign any tasks to the character in question. There's nothing, however, preventing an up-and-coming young crafter from practicing any/all of his/her tradeskills before then.

Craft Supplies Quests[]

That first step is to manufacture and deliver one each of the item sets listed in the following table:

Skill Items (Faction-dependent) Destination
Surfacer (or Merchant) Drow (or Mortath) Undead (or Mercator)
Alchemy 6 × Choking Powder Helios Slums¹: Shady Slims
6 × Essence of Healing Ziegen: Cleric of Tempus
Armour Crafting 3 × Bronze Full Plate Tobaro: Guard Captain Johnathon Datten
6 × Cobalt Tower Shield Ziegen: Guard Captain Jeffries
Food Crafting 6 × Fish Pie Fakualt: Captain Rent
6 × Black Dragon Scale Powder Ziegen Inn: Werdna
Gem Crafting 6 × Bronze Phenalope Ring Trondor: Bagnor Devek
6 × Gold Phenalope Scarab Tobaro Northern Plains: Ameniel
Tailoring 6 × Malar Gloves Community Hunting Grounds: Hunter
6 × Rage Spider Silk Cloth Trondor: Cleric of Oghma
Tinkering 6 × Compound Bow Cam Community Hunting Grounds²: Hunter
6 × Titanium Gear & Springs Tobaro: Guard Captain Johnathan Datten
Weapon Crafting 6 × Copper Longsword Helios North: Helios North Guard Captain
6 × Iron Shortsword Helios Flats: Helios Flats Guard Captain
Wood Crafting 6 × Heavy Hickory Crossbow Ornal Flats: Ornal Flats Guard Captain
6 × Silver-shod Quarterstaff St'rel Landing: Tallo Laio

¹ The quartermaster incorrectly directs the crafter to Helios itself.
² The quartermaster incorrectly directs the crafter to the Helios Woods North.

As you can see, the recipients for each of these items varies depending on the crafter's faction. The relevant (i.e. the one belonging to the crafter's faction) quartermaster will name the intended recipient and provide directions for newcomers on how to find him/her.

Note: There are no items that are attributed directly to Enchanting, Scribing or Smelting. However, a crafter will need to use every tradeskill (except for Scribing) to complete all 16 of the above deliveries.

The Crafter's Construct[]

War Supplies[]

The work of the titled crafter involves producing "War Supply" items and delivering them to the quartermaster affiliated with the crafter's faction. The items listed in the table below may be handed in one-at-a-time or bundled into War Garrison Supplies and/or War Division Supplies. The former requires one item from each pair (row in the table), whereas the latter requires all 22 items be bundled at once. Both the Garrison and Division bundles are put together from their components at the War Supplies Packing Desk.

Skill Item 1 Item 2
Alchemy Field Adrenaline Potion Field Healing Potion
Armour Crafting War Horse Barding War Shield
Enchanting Rune of Magic Rune of Warding
Food Crafting Ration Pack A Ration Pack B
Gem Crafting Soul Gem Demon Soul Trap
Scribing Demon Purge Demon Warding
Smelting Arandur Alloy Tungsten Alloy
Tailoring Cloth Supplies Armour Repair Kit
Tinkering Tinkering Supplies War Construct Repair Toolbox
Weapon Crafting War Blade Supplies War Bludgeoning Supplies
Wood Crafting War Archer Supplies War Weapon Supplies

Supplying individual items to the quartermaster yields 3 "crafting points" for each item. Supplying a completed Garrison bundle yields 42 points and a complete Division bundle yields 92 points. These points accumulate and, as specific targets are reached, the crafter will be rewarded with a "Schematic".


For each tradeskill, there are 3 schematics available, referred to as "Tiers". Regardless of the crafter's skill, the maximum number of schematics (s)he can ever possess is 10. For example, a master smith might have the Tier-3 schematics in each of Smelting, Armour Crafting and Weapon Crafting. But (s)he can then have, at most, a Tier-1 schematic in a 4th skill. A crafter seeking a wider skillset may opt to take 5 Tier-2 schematics over the course of his/her career. The only restrictions on schematic choices are:

  1. The crafter must have reached level 20 in a tradeskill before the Tier-1 schematic for that skill becomes available.
  2. A crafter must possess the Tier-1 schematic for a skill before the Tier-2 schematic for that skill becomes available. Similarly, a Tier-3 schematic is not available until the crafter has acquired the Tier-2 schematic for that tradeskill.

Each schematic provides one (or possibly both, depending on the individual schematic) of the following bonuses:

  1. The ability to craft a specific item. For instance, Tinkering-1 is required in order to make the Intricate Thieves' Tools.
  2. Some for of efficiency gain for the relevant tradeskill. For example, a crafter who has Alchemy-1 always makes twice as many Essences from a given set of ingredients as a crafter without that schematic.

Finally, a crafter receives a blanket 10% improvement to his/her chance at success for each schematic in his/her inventory. Some players may opt to strengthen weaker skills in this way rather than further enhance stronger skills.

For the time being at least, details on each of the schematics will not be included in this page. -- 25/8/2011