So what is a Mythic Level?

Mythic is an easier way of saying "content above level 40". So Mythic Levels are the addition of levelling from level 40 to 50.

Will it be like normal Epic levels?

In some ways Yes, in others No. The stat progression is as close to Epic level progression as possible, but there are some limitations. The engine doesn't allow players to be over level 40, but your character file will be changed to include all the stats that you would have. Various scripts have also been changed to think you are over level 40. So your character sheet will still say you are level 40, but the game will behave very closely to you being high level.

So what does and doesn't work?

You will get more HP every level as per the rules. But since it can't be made to adjust your HP when you buff your Constitution, it will assume you are using +12 Constitution equipment and give you those extra HP anyway. You will likely need them. You get more skill points every level as per your class choice and Intelligence. The normal skill caps and cross class rules apply though. NB: Any unspent skillpoints at level 40 will be lost. However, you can save skillpoints in Mythic levels, they just don't carry from level 40 to 41. You continue to get an extra stat point every 4 levels, so at 44 and 48. You still get a general feat every 3 levels. So you get then at level 42, 45 and 48. All classes continue their Epic bonus feat progression as well. In addition to the Epic bonus feat pool, all the Great Stat feats are added to the options, as well as some Mythic Level class feats. Any automatically gained feats will also be granted. Your saves still increase at +1 per 2 levels. Caster level will continue to increase as it should. Most spells that increased in damage up to level 40 will continue to improve up to level 50. Spell Penetration increases with caster level like normal. Unfortunatly this progression doesn't cover Assassin or Blackguard spells. (See class details for specifics about which abilities are recieving progression.) The astute among you might have noticed I haven't mentioned BAB yet. Unfortunatly, I can't get this to increase. Your BAB will not change after level 40. Devestating Critical DC is also hardcoded, so more levels won't increase the DC of this ability. But more Strength will.

So how do I level above 40?

The level up interface you have become familiar with is not accessible, so it will be done via a conversation instead. The conversation will follow the same order as the normal level up interface, will give you a summary of what you have chosen at the end and can be exitted at any time with no problems. Once you confirm your selection it is done. As per the request for quests to be included, you will need to find a certain NPC to initiate the level up conversation.

So what are the requirements?

Both XP and quest completion is required for gaining Mythic levels. To reach level 50 you will need 5 million XP, but don't worry if that seems out of reach. The first few levels have been designed to be in reach of everyone.

How do I know what levels I have?

All stats will show on the character, except the actual class levels. For that a new option on your Emote Wand has been added, under Info. It will tell you your current level breakdown and also tell you what you need to achieve the next level. Your Mythic level will also appear next to your race at the top of the character sheet.

Why does it keep booting me?

To increase all relavent stats we need to modify your character file directly. The program can't change your character file if you are still using it.

Do I need to have everything unequipped to level up?

Sadly, yes. The reasons are long and silly, just understand that bad things will happen if your character is modified while wearing something.

Can I delevel?

Yes. But all Mythic Levels and bonusses will be removed at the same time. This also has to be done before you can delevel in the normal method.

Will I be able to equip items with an IRL above 40?

No, the game will still think you are level 40 in that regard. But things have been changed so that it is very unlikely any item will have an IRL above 40.

Class Specific DetailsEdit

Barbarian: Pre Epic damage reduction will increase. Epic damage reduction bonus will not. Same applies to Uncanny Dodge trap bonus.

Bard: Your Bardsong and Spellcasting levels will increase as normal. Bardic Knowledge will not increase.

Cleric: Spellcasting and Turn Undead levels will increase as normal.

Druid: Spellcasting levels and Shapeshifting will increase as normal. Oaken Resilience duration will continue to increase.


Monk: Spell Resistance will improve as normal. Empty Body duration will increase. Monk Speed and Bonus AC will not increase. Quivering Palm DC will not increase.

Paladin: Spellcasting and Turn Undead level will continue to increase. Lay On Hands will increase. Smite Evil will not increase.

Ranger: Caster Level will continue to increase. You will still get additional Favoured Enemies.

Rogue: Sneak Attack will continue to increase, but will not exceed the level 40 Rogue amount. Pre Epic Uncanny Dodge bonusses will apply, Epic Uncanny Dodge bonusses will not.

Sorcerer/Wizard: Spellcasting Level will continue to increase as normal.

Arcane Archer: Enchant Arrow will continue to increase. All Arcane Archer special attacks will continue to increase with Mythic Levels.

Arcane Trickster: Arcane Spellcasting bonus levels will continue to increase. Ranged Legerdemain and Impromptu Sneak Attack uses will continue to increase, up to the level 30 AT amount.

Assassin: Death Attack damage will continue to increase up to level 40 Assassin. Death Attack DC will not increase. Spellcasting levels and Poison Save will not increase.

Blackguard: Turn Undead level will continue to increase. Sneak Attack will continue to increase up to level 40 Blackguard. Spellcasting levels and Smite Good will not increase.

Divine Champion: Sacred Defense Bonus will continue to increase, however it will be counting towards the Save bonus cap. Lay on Hands and Divine Wrath will continue to increase. Smite Evil/Good will not increase.

Dragon Disciple: Breath Weapon and Elemental Immunity will continue to increase. AC bonus will not increase

Duelist: Precise Strike and Canny defense will continue to increase.

Dwarven Defender: Defensive Stance uses and Damage reduction will not increase.

Eldritch Knight: Arcane Spellcasting level bonus will continue to increase.

Elemental Warrior: Arcane Spellcasting level and Imbue Element will continue to increase. Arcane Spell Failure reduction will increase up to the -50% cap.

Frenzied Berserker: Additional Frenzy uses are available up to level 30 Frenzied Berserker.

Mystic Theurge: Arcane and Divine Spellcasting level bonus continues to increase.

Pale Master: All activated Palemaster abilities continue to increase. The Summon Greater Undead spell increases up to a summoning level of 40. Bone Skin and Deathless Vigor do not increase. Additional Undead Graft uses are not granted

Shadow Dancer: Shadow Evade and Shadow Lord continue to increase.

Shifter: Shifted Abilities continue to increase.

Stalker: Sneak Attack will continue to increase up to level 40 Stalker. Favoured Enemies will continue to be granted.

War Priest: War Priest caster level and Divine spellcasting level bonus will continue to increase.

Weapon Master: Superior Weapon Focus will not increase.

Mythic Bonus Feat Lists:Edit

Any Epic Bonus feat you would get after level 40 will count as a Mythic Bonus feat. In addition to normal list of Epic Bonus Feats available to that class you may also spend your bonus feat in one of the Great Stat feats, or take one of the new Mythic feats listed below. The lists say what Mythic feats are available to each class. They are available as general or bonus feats. These feats will not be available unless you count as epic level in the class you are taking.

Barbarian: Eternal Rage, Raging Horde, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Bard: Caster Feats, Epic Spells, Auto Still Spell

Cleric: Caster Feats, Mythic Spells

Druid: Superior Shapeshift, Caster Feats, Mythic Spells

Fighter: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Monk: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Mythic Blinding Speed

Paladin: Excalibur, Shining Knight, Unlimited Smiting, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Ranger: Primal Defender, Elemental Immunity, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Mythic Blinding Speed, Extra Attack

Rogue: Lethal Poison, Mythic Blinding Speed

Sorcerer/Wizard: Mythic Spell Focus, Master of Shapes, Master of Fire, Master of Cold, Master of Lightning, Master of Acid, Master of Thunder, Master of Force, Master of Magic, Master of Light, Master of Dark, Master of Divine

Arcane Archer: Arrow Warding, Aurora, Extra Attack

Arcane Trickster: Caster Feats, Mythic Spells, Mythic Blinding Speed

Assassin: Rogue Bonus Feats, Mythic Blinding Speed, Lethal Poison

Blackguard: Ragnarok, Unlimited Smiting, Vampiric Aura, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Divine Champion: Extra Wrath, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Dragon Disciple: Dragon Roar,

Duelist: Mythic Blinding Speed, Extra Attack

Dwarven Defender: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Eldritch Knight: Kusanagi, Caster Feats, Mythic Spells, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Elemental Warrior: Element Immunity, Caster Feats, Epic Spells, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Frenzied Berserker: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity: Extra Attack:

Mystic Theurge: Caster Feats, Epic Spells, Mystic Union

Pale Master: Caster Feats, Mass Harm, Omega, Vampiric Feast

Shadow Dancer: Shade Form, Circle of Shadow, Mythic Blinding Speed

Shifter: Regeneration, Superior Shapeshift, Extra Attack

Stalker: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Mythic Blinding Speed, Extra Attack

War Priest: Caster Feats, Epic Spells, Genesis, Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack

Weapon Master: Mass Knockdown, Damage Immunity, Extra Attack, Super Whirlwind Attack

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