"Many Ziegen residents with bleeding ears hurried across the Legendary beach and made their way through the forest to the north. It opened up into a small clearing. The Guards that had accompanied them immediately secured the perimeter, and a makeshift hospital was erected. All able bodied men set to work gathering wood and building shelters. The women gathered food and prepared meals".

"A greater sense of unity and purpose, in a fundamental will to survive, was present to these survivors of the Fall of Ziegen”

Haavikko Werdna.


Tertos and Captain Jeffries guarding the Forest Gate

Population: 85 in hamlet 10 in outlying farms (Sholo Hills and Legendary Farm)

Industries: Ancient Oak extraction, Shield making

New Ziegen is a hamlet populated by refugee survivors from the city of Ziegen, destroyed 25 years ago by the Archlich Janus. New Ziegen is situated on the southern side of the estuary of the Tobar river. It is well fortified, and has a small but highly trained militia and powerful Mithril Golems protecting it

New Ziegen owes its continued existence to its Guard Constructs, Captain Jefferies and his Ziegen Militia well as the presence of a few persons of great power such as the Archmage Werdna and Abbot Druandel . New Ziegen is governed by Girrin Mathal, Druandel Abbot of Tempusan Shrine and Archmage Werdna, this triumvirate seen to the well being of the town and people for the past 20 years.

Huddled against the river Tobar, New Ziegen has little access to agriculture,farming nearby is impossible due to the encroaching undead from Ziegen in Ruins and the poor soil of the surrounding country. Cattle must be inside the walls by nightfall or the Undead devour them as well as their herders, this is called the Sunset Run , a time of considerable stress for the New Ziegeners. Athelias, an Elven farmer has been attempting for many seasons to till a small plot near Stronghold Abbey but has had little success. One thing Ziegen has an abundance of is Ancient Oak, also known as Steelwood, a wood of extreme hardness and great resistance to fire that is only able to be sawn and milled by specially enchanted tools. The walls of Ziegen are constructed from this wood and trade in this lumber and crafting shields from this wood are Ziegen’s main industries.

Notable structures made of Ancient Oak include the gates of Helios, and the doors of the Galdorian Citadel as well as almost every shield in Edon. The Great Oak in Helios is the only known specimen of Steelwood existing outside of Legendary Forest as well as being the largest

The only reasons New Ziegen does not starve is through supplies shipped in from Trondor and Helios and the generosity of the one successful farmer in the area. North of Ziegen across the Tobar River a Priest of Chauntea called Farmer John, runs Legendary Farm, a holding of magical abundance. He periodically delivers produce to Ziegen in the dead of night, unloads it (with the assistance of the duty golem, with whom he seems to have an understanding of some sort) and leaves again before dawn. This he claims is a holy duty given to him by the Goddess. The folk of New Ziegen are grateful to the eccentric Chauntean, and he persists in taking no payment however hard they press him.

Despite its troubled beginnings New Ziegen has been steadily growing over the last few years. Its strong defenses and sheltered anchorage has attracted many immigrants and increasing coastal trade. A fledgling community immediately to the south of Ziegen called S'trel Landing is already developing strong trade ties with the township.

Notable people of New Ziegen

Abbot Druandel : A Tempusian pilgrim, Druandel heard of the plight of the survivors and travelled to the camp. He tended the maimed and traumatised for days and collapsed exhausted. When he awoke a pillared temple had appeared around him. Druandel knew that he was to remain and turn this camp into a stronghold against evil that would in inevitably erupt from Ziegen in Ruins. Thus Stronghold Abbey was born. Druandel is a masterful trainer of warriors, known for his explosive temper.

Captain Jefferies: The sole surviving Ziegener master-at -arms, took charge of a dozen orphaned boys and raised them as his own, and trained them in the use of weapons. These 12 men now are the Ziegen militia who along with the Mithril Golems are charged with the defense and protection of the folk of New Ziegen. Jefferies is a hard bitten, stern old warrior, made sterner by his concern for his town and the up to the Great Truce, unceasing raids by Ev’ele undead.

Haavikko Werdna: A Gnome Archmage, Werdna is the foremost authority on Summoning Magicks in all of Edon. He is also an archeologist who has several digs ongoing in Ibitz Stahn. Werdna also acts as a teacher to the children of Ziegen.

Girrin Mathal: The sole survivor of the council of Ziegen, Mathal was Ziegens Magistrate who was visiting outlying villages when Janus destroyed the city. Joining the refugee community he was a natural choice to lead them through the dangerous times. He was given the title of Duke by the Prince of Emrys in recognition of his steady and gallant leadership of new Ziegen.

Ziegen Guard Constructs: The Ziegen Guard Constructs are Mithril Golems created by Chia Cross bonded to the village and people of Ziegen. Over the years the oldest Golems, originally called Primos and Secundos, have come to be called Stahlerner and Li-209 this is due to the fact that over the years they have developed “personality quirks” and are possible to converse with in a limited fashion. The remaining three are known by their numbers Tertos, Quartos and Quintos and have exhibited no emergent personality traits.