Shaman tend to be secretive people, just like the Spirits that they work with. Shaman act as a communicator between the physical world and the spirit world. They are valued because of their ability to affect both realms. Their power is that of the old magic used by the Fey. Sometimes it is inherited, other times it is granted by a powerful Fey that wishes and agent in the physical world.
A Shamans abilities to influence to physical world can be unusual to behold, as the effect is as much in the spirit world as the physical. They are able to influence weather to a degree and can alter the flows of energy to and from the spirit realm.

- Hit Die: d8
- Proficiencies: Light, Shield and Druid proficiencies.
- Skill Points: 2+ Int Modifier.
- High Reflex and Will.
- Medium Base Attack Bonus.

Class Skills: Concentration, Heal, Lore, Parry, Persuade, Spellcraft, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Craft Armor.

Spellcasting: Invocations (spell failure from armor is not a factor). Charisma is the primary stat, Strength and Dexterity are secondary. Melee/Ranged Touch Attacks and Spell Resistance may apply, see essences/shapes for more details.


1: Snake Blood - +1 to Reflex saves and +2 to saves vs Poison.
Vine Essence - The Shaman can imbue their invocations with vines.
Eldritch Strike - Manifests an essence as a touch attack.
3: Woodland Stride - Shaman can pass through natural terrain with ease.
5: Great Dexterity 1 - Shaman have feylike grace.
6: Remove Disease - Once per day, the Shaman can cure anything.
9: Epic Cold Resist 1 - The Shaman gains natural resistance to cold.
10: Great Dexterity 2 - The Shaman's fey grace increases.
12: Uncanny Dodge - Their Spirit Guide protects them.
15: Great Dexterity 3 - The Shaman's fey grace increases.
18: Epic Cold Resist 2 - The Shaman's natural cold resistance increases.
20: Great Dexterity 4 - The Shaman's fey grace increases.

Invocations: At level 2 and every 2 levels after, the Shaman may select a new invocation from the Shaman pool. This invocation does not replace any existing invocations, but cannot be removed without a delevel. New essence and shape type invocations become available at levels 2, 12 and 22.

A list of Shaman Essences can be found here->Shaman Essences
A list of Blast Shapes can be found here->Blast Shapes

Epic Shaman[]

Hit Die: d8.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2+Int Modifier.
Bonus Feats: The Epic Shaman gains a bonus feat every two levels after 20th.

Epic Cold Resist increases by 10 every 9 levels after level 18.

Epic Shaman Bonus Feats: Glacial, Viridian, Antimagic, Spirit, Chain, Mass Shield, Mass Imbue, Dragon Knight, Part the Veil, Great Charisma, Great Dexterity.