Hey all, Thought I'd make it easier on those who wish to build a new character with the awesome shiny sort-of-new Shaman class (until Andre nerfs it) by writing this little guide... mostly it'll be recommendations - get this, don't get this, etc. I'll attempt to keep this up to date as new information arrives/we finally regain the server and Andre grabs his nerf gun.

Note: This is a caster shaman guide... while you can go melee, it's not recommended and you'll have no support from me :P

It's a colour coded guide! (for those wanting to just jump in)

Blue - Why don't you have this yet? Extremely recommended.

Green - Good.

Orange - Eh... it's OK.

Red - Bad or Bugged, do not get this unless you have to.

How do I make a Shaman (or any other New Base Class)[]

Hopefully these instructions make sense, let me know if you get confused :P

  1. Start by clicking Create New Character and picking a Gender and (Sub)Race, etc. as normal.
  2. To use a sub race pick the base race on the race select screen (eg. Elf if you are going Drow) then click sub race and manually type in the name of the sub race according to the Sub Races page. After you have picked a faction, you'll be asked to relog to receive your traits.
  3. When you get to the class selection screen, pick anything (fighter works) - you'll pick your class again later, then continue as normal.
  4. At feat selection, pick something random - you'll pick again when you pick your class. Continue.
  5. Then when you get to skill allocation, just click next - allocate nothing, you'll be able to allocate all available points when you reach level 2. Log in when you are done.
  6. You'll appear in front of the faction change NPCs, next to you is a class changer NPC (it looks like a pink/purple beam of light), talk to it.
  7. Pick the class you want then follow the instructions - you'll be kicked from the server at the end, this is normal.
  8. Log back in and pick your faction as normal.
  9. Enjoy!

Note: Name, backstory, appearance, etc. works as normal, if you get it wrong, you can't fix it.


Anything with extra Charisma and/or Dexterity is excellent. You can't go wrong with Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Halflings or Humans. Dwarves and Half-Orcs lose Charisma.

For subraces, Drow, Svirfneblin, Aasimar, Avariel, Skeleton and Spectre all work. Avariel gets a bonus mention due to +4 DEX and +2 CHA, just make sure your CON and STR don't get too low. Also be careful of the AB and Will penalties at low levels.

Of course, if your RP demands a Half-Orc Shaman, go for it, you just won't be as effective as the other races... you'll still be pretty effective though.


Charisma is important! Max out Charisma!

Dexterity is second, dexterity affects your AC and Ranged Touch Attacks (pretty much all of your shapes). You don't need to max it out though, you'll also get +4 DEX for free from the Great Dexterity feats @ levels 5, 10, 15 and 20.

Strength and Constitution are next, you'll be without a decent attack essence/shape for awhile, so you might want to pick up a melee weapon for the early levels (or cheat with enhancement gems). Constitution is always useful, never dump constitution.

Intelligence is only really useful for more skills, if you multiclass into a skill dump class, you might want more.

Wisdom, Will saves... thats about it for the Shaman...


No Multiclassing - Max out those Shaman Levels!

Paladin/Blackguard - You are a charisma-based character, Divine Grace/Dark Blessing can be quite useful, as can Divine Shield. Also provides more proficiencies. I'd go no more then 3-4 levels.

Bard/Rogue/Monk - These are the skill dump classes, quite useful as we don't get many class skills. I'd only go 1-2 levels unless you want something specific like Evasion or Monk Speed. (Shamans get Uncanny Dodge for free at level 12)

Warlock/Favoured Soul/Psion - You could but your levels don't combine so probably not such a good idea.

Shadowdancer - If you want Hide in Plain Sight. Level 1. HiPS is pretty damn good though.



(Epic) Eldritch Power/Defense/Extend - Get these, you'll love them - I'd go Defense, Extend then Power (see Unlimited Haste).

Dodge/Mobility - More AC vs. current/previous target and vs. AoO, its OK.

Toughness - More HP.

Armor/Weapon Proficiency - You only get Light Armor, Shield and Druid weapon proficiencies... it's up to you, however I will point out theres no penalties for invocations therefore no arcane spell failure.

Weapon Finesse/Archery feats - You do have a good amount of dexterity, could be nice to have a backup option.

Divine Shield - If you multiclass Paladin or Blackguard and pick up Turn Undead, get it, otherwise don't worry too much about it.

Combat Casting - eh... you'll be maxing Concentration.

Spell Penetration - Unless you multiclass a lot, you shouldn't need extra spell penetration.

Spell Focus and the Metamagic Feats - No. Just no. They don't work on invocations. Get the Eldritch feats instead.


Epic feats are a little weird since you get a bonus epic feat every 2 levels, however they are also your invocations, so you can get 17 (assuming no multiclass) different essences, shapes and epic feats - most of these will probably be used on essences and shapes.

(Epic) Eldritch Power/Defense/Extend - I already told you to get these, just reminding you.

Great Charisma - More Charisma!

Great Dexterity - Don't forget you get the first 4 for free, so you can avoid taking more if you want.

Epic Spell: Dragon Knight - It's available to shamans if you want it, just remember the spellcraft requirement. Part the Veil - I actually haven't got/used/seen this so I have no idea if it's any good or not... could be interesting though.

Epic Combat Casting / Epic Spell Penetration - Same reasons as above.

Epic Spell Focus / Automatic X Spell - No.


Class skills

Concentration - Max it. Heal - You'll always find Healer's Kits, you have low wisdom though. Lore - Makes it easier to identify things... you won't need any more then 20 if you do put points into it. Spellcraft - You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws vs. spells for every 5 ranks of spellcraft you have. Also a pre-requisite for Dragon Knight. Shouldn't need more then 25 if you put points into it.

Cross-class skills Discipline - Helps avoid things like Knockdown, if you have the spare points, sure. Open Lock / Disable Trap - Edon has some annoying locks and traps, a couple of points wouldn't hurt. Hide / Move Silently - If you go the sneaky route and/or get Hide in Plain Sight, get it. Tumble - More AC, 20 points is good, if you pick up one of the skill dump classes, go for 40 points. :D Use Magic Device - Being able to use anything and everything can be of use. Everything else - Up to you :D

Essences []

Level 1/2 Vine - Eh, you start off with this one... I suppose if you go sneaky the extra +4 hide is useful. Frost - Your only damage essence until level 12 and the cold resistance isn't too bad either. Time - Did someone say (near) Unlimited Haste at level 4? You'll always be using this with Armour (To get Haste at level 4, you need to pick up Eldritch Defense and the Armour shape, it's possible) Nettle - Acid resistance, more useful then the cold resistance... at least for shaman (we get a natural cold resistance).

Level 12 Wind - Gust of Wind effect... I haven't really used it yet. Fairy - Your next damage essence - replaces Frost. Also Magic damage. :D Stone - Interesting, use it with the right shape and you'll petrify everything (Glacial is better). The physical damage resistance isn't too bad either.

Level 22 Glacial - Yes. Nice cold damage AND it freezes your enemy. Also provides a cold-based damage shield (like Acid Sheath) when used defensively. Viridian - Yes. Acid damage. Also applies Regeneration when you use a defensive shape. Antimagic - Dispel Magic and Magic Resistance (those pesky IGMS!). Yes, pick it up. Spirit - Divine damage and 20% concealment. It's nice to have, get the others first though.

Mythic Astral Thorns - Piercing AND Negative damage AND 25% spell failure. It's worth it just for that, but it also provides a damage shield and armor AC when used defensively.


Level 1/2 

Strike - Meh, it's free...

Claw - It works... it's not very good though.

Armour - Yes, you'll want this. Also stacks with itself, very useful.

Continual - Actually quite useful at lower levels, it applies your chosen essence every round.

Level 12

Imbue - If you party with melee/archer characters alot then sure.

Cone - Buggy, only working like 10% of the time.

Lance - Haven't actually got this on my shaman - anyone else want to input?

Turret - Yes. This is why you took Shaman (or Psion...), at least until Andre nerfs it... please don't nerf it Andre. Attacks the nearest enemy to you every round, so you can activate this then constantly run around an enemy until it dies. Also stacks with itself - if you can keep casting it, do it and watch your enemies fall around you. OK... maybe a little nerf.

Level 22

Mass Imbue - Imbue multiple people at once.

Mass Shield - Applies the defensive effect of your essence to everyone nearby and increases the effect by 100%, doesn't last as long as Armour though.

Chain - Think Chain Lightning, it's good to use while you are waiting for Turret to recharge.


Splinters - It's currently bugged, doesn't work. :(

Will continue updating as I learn more :D

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