Like many things in Edon, the summoning spells have been tweaked to be more effective. A carefully buffed summoned creature is a caster's best friend. They can keep enemies away from you, absorb damage for you, and can stop you needing to exhaust your spells to kill everything. To get the most benefit from your summoning spells, it is recommended you get yourself a Summons Book (available from many magic and temple stores), use the highest level spell you can, and share some buff spells with the summoned creature.

Summons Book[]

This helpful book will help you choose which creature you summon, from the menagerie available to you. Simply open the book, turn the page for the spell you are going to use, and choose which creature you wish to summon. You can even name the creature before you summon it. If you do not select a specific creature before casting the summoning spell you, will receive one chosen at random.

What can I summon?[]

Which creatures are available to you depend on your class and alignment. A large variety of alignment based creatures are available to everyone. Elementals are available to Druids, Wizards and Sorcerers. Planar creatures are available to Wizards and Sorcerers through the Planar Binding spells. Clerics can summon Planar creatures through the Summon Creature IV, VI and IX spells. Due to the nature of Planar creatures, alignment restriction will apply to your selection. Legendary Animals are available to Druids. Clerics may also recieve additional options from their domains. Those with Animal domain will be able to summon Legendary Animals, while those with elemental domains will be able to summon those elementals. NB: Animal domain no longer increases the level of your summoning spells.

Making your summoned creatures more powerful[]

Long term buff spells are easiest methods for this. Bear in mind that most summoned creatures have no equipped items, so they have no AC bonuses of any type. Mage Armour is an instant +4 AC. Summoned Creatures will also get a power boost depending on your caster level. This is generally a blanket bonus to primary stats and casting level, but can be much more for short term summoned creatures like from Gate or Dragon Knight. These bonuses are not limited to creatures summoned with the typical spells. Undead creatures, Pale Master summons and Shadowdancer creatures are also boosted. Another way of boosting your summoned creatures is to take the Augment Summons feat. This will increase their AB, AC, damage, saves and casting level by 2.