The bloody right hand of House Le'tent, the orcs of the Black Watch are heavy fighters bred to serve the First House of the Underdark. As well as serving in the front line of the warband the Black Watch also do duty as personal bodyguard for the Ilharess and other high ranking Jabressen. Clad in their customary black full plate mail and wielding weapons forged by the best crafters the Black Watch strike fear into the hearts of all who oppose the forces of the Underdark.


History of the Black Watch[]

The Black Watch are a creation of Phaedros, a long time player of the ALOE module. His half-orc Axe Rothe Le'tent is the nominal head of the regiment. The current second in command is Jaeger Rothe Le'tent played by Cuban Eight(pictured).

Joining the Black Watch[]

Simply a matter of a few lines of bio on your character, and a suitable name, submitted to the player of the current Ilharess. Help with character builds is also available for interested players as well as fitting out in suitable armour and weapons.

Building a Black Watch half-orc[]

The Black Watch are a heavy fighting unit. Preferred builds are Fighter, Weaponmaster, Barbarian/Berserker variations. (maybe the evil CoT too?) The race must be half-orc which lends itself to strength based builds anyway. Mixing in other classes such as rogue is fine, just leave the spellcasting to the jabressen! The body must be the 'wide' version of half-orc. Skin is black or grey, hair a light colour. This is optional, there have been cases of 'captured' surfacer half-orcs drafted into the ranks. Choose a suitable first name, with the surname "Rothe Le'tent". Alignment must be evil. As rothen of the Le'tent the character must also worship the spider queen Lloth.

Roleplaying a Black Watch half-orc[]

Black Watch are rothe, and as such are subservient to all Le'tent jabressen. As an elite


unit and prized possessions of the Le'tent Ilharess they do enjoy a certain notoriety however. Weapons should be sheathed when in the presence of a jabress, unless on the hunt. (or to back up said jabress in a 'show of force') Upon first meeting a Le'tent jabress a rothe will drop to the ground and 'worship' her, until noticed and told to rise or the jabress moves on. At first meeting do not talk until spoken to. The protocols are generally more relaxed once a hunting party ventures forth however, unless in a very formal situation, such as bodyguard in a mixed house meeting. A wise but inexperienced jabress may defer to an older rothe in some of the ways of war. Black Watch are always deferential and protective of Le'tent jabressen, but may jibe with jaluks and be outright hostile to other rothen (who will be lower in the House hierarchy).

When dealing with jabressen from rival houses Black Watch are always polite, but as possessions of the First House they do not bow and have no onus to do anothers bidding. Most jabressen know better than to damage the Ilharess' property! As drow rothe the Black Watch are expected to speak drow. An half-orc rothe is the perfect way to learn the drow language as it is spoken in Edon. Being rough and uncultured a mixture of common and drow language is only to be expected from an orc.

Remember the House Le'tent motto - "Bow Down or Die Standing!" When the Ilharess commands it, the Black Watch will enforce it!