Introduction ~ by Kimba

The web I weave is complex and dangerous. I am the Great Spider that spins the fabric of Time.  Within my web are wrapped the events forming all things:  The genesis of mighty races; the rise and fall of noble houses; the leaders and heroes; the poor and the martyrs.

The History of Edon is now just whispers heard in the echoing caverns of the Underdark, flickering glimpses from the torchlight along the corridors of power, a shimmer in the crystal waters of the Surface, and muted thunder in the defiant roar of the great beasts that still roam our world.

Please Settle by my fire in safety and I, the all-seer, shall recount for you a tale that has never been told, through the eyes and lips of those who were there. The clash of swords shall ring again, the smell of blood will fill your nostrils and the intrigue of power overwhelm your senses.

We must journey far back to find the origins of Edon and Drow Wars.  Back to the very beginnings of the Drow themselves, other worlds on other planes of existence.

So, Seeker, come with me and I shall show the way to those ancient origins and, through my tale, let you live them once again.