Welcome to Version 7.00[]

After many months of hard work it became obvious that the development of the new level 50's and relevant content would require us to split the update and introduce it over several releases.

Please ensure you have the following haks

If you havent downloaded these already:

Thanks goes to the hard work of the Development team and to the DMs and players that tested tirelessly.

Special thanks to Hunter1969au and TheFugitive.

Ensure you turn your skyboxes on and go explore the maps, enjoy the new quests and the team looks forward to  releasing more for you soon...This is but a small taste of what is yet to come...


New Maps[]

Emrys North (Mustang and Rothbart)
Emrys Peak (Mustang and Rothbart) Emrys Emporium (Maditay)

Major Map Changes[]

Emrys Tolimans Beach (Mustang)
Helios North. (Mustang)
Helios - Coldblood Swimming Hole
Fakualt Eastern Forest (Mustang)
Fakualt Swampside (Mustang)
Fakualt Great Swamp (Mustang)
Fakualt Wolf Valley (Mustang)
Chaulssin - Melee-Magthere - Dungeon (Mustang)

Ver'gra (André)

New Skyboxes[]

Various Maps (Mustang)

Introduction of New Tilesets[]

Various Maps (Mustang, Rothbart and Maditay)

New Quests[]

Helios Slums - Surfacer Only (Mustang)
Meele Mergethe - UD Only (Mustang)
Emrys Isle Legenadry Beasts - All (Mustang)
Trondor Crypt - All (Mustang)

Fakualt Gypsies - All (Mustang)

New Game Functions[]

Character Deletion (Cowboyx,Wyld and Maditay)
Character tailoring (Cowboyx and Maditay)
New icons for crafting (Mustang)

Custom spell icons (Fraggermuffin, Halo Eight, Paradoxical Joker, ProzacBunny)

Introduction of Subraces[]

Drow SubraceDrow subrace has been changed. They now get Darkvision, Spell Resistance equal to 10 +2 every 4 levels, -5 to saves vs light based effects and the ability to cast Darkness and Faerie Fire as racial spells, up to 3 times per day.
Any new Drow created after this update will gain these abilities after their first relog.Existing Drow characters gain these abilities by using the Drow Darkness tool and then relogging.

ALOE classes modified[]


Heal, Harm and Mass Heal now have a will save for half damage on them. Various creatures have had their damage immunities reduced to match this.
Mass Harm has been added as a level 9 Cleric spell.
Mass Heal has had its radius corrected to match its description.
Epic Clerics may take a new epic spell: Epic Heal.Epic Heal is a ranged Heal spell with no touch attack or spell resistance check. If used on Undead it will do 100% of their current HP as positive damage, will save for half. If used on a living target it will heal them by 100% of their maximum HP, any excess is granted as temporary HP.

Pale Master

Half of your wizard/sorcerer/bard level will be added to your Pale Master level for determining which creature is summoned by the Pale Master summon spells. Additional undead have been added to the Create Greater Undead ability.
On a critical hit the Pale Master touch attacks will now do level drain as well.
2 new feats are available to Pale Master:
An Epic Pale Master may take the Circle of Doom feat. This will allow them to cast Circle of Doom 3 times per daya as a spelllike ability.At level 15 they can then take the Mass Harm feat, which will allow them to cast Mass Harm 2 times per day as a spell like ability.


The Shifter class is now full BAB.
Half of your Druid level will be added to your Shifter level for shapeshifted ability DC calculations.
Epic Shifters may take the Improved Shapeshift feat, which increases the DC of shapeshifted abilities by 2 and will make all items merge in any pre epic shapeshift.A few shifted abilities have had their damage uncapped.


Whirlwind Attack

Whirlind Attack has had its power upgraded.
Whirlwind Attacks are done with an addition +1 to AB, AC and Damage for the round.
Different fighting styles will get additional benefits:
Dual Weilders and Unarmed get double the AC bonus.
Doublesided weapon users get double the damage bonus.
Two handed weapon users get an additional attack in the round after this attack.Single handed weapon users get double the AB bonus.

The Improved Whirlwind feat will increase the base bonus to +2.

A 3 round cooldown timer has been added.

Disciple of Sun

This feat is available to Clerics and Paladin. It adds a divine damage effect to your Turn Undead ability doing damage approximately equal to your turn level + your charisma modifier, to up to 5 Undead in range. Sun Domain increases this to 10 creatures. Planar Turning allows this damage to hit Outsiders as well.


Another slight boost to the strength of Familiars and Animal Companions.The Faerie Fire spell has been added as a level 1 Druid spell. It ends any invisibility or concealment on the target and reduces their hide skill by 5.

Ultra Rare Review[]

After suggestions made by the player base the Ultra Rares have been reviewed and the less desirable items have been modified. 

The DM team will offer the new items as replacement however should they already be forged, forging and rune costs will not be reimbursed.

  • Mantle of Epic Spell Resistance
  • Casiel's Soul
  • The Iron Skeleton
  • Headband of Intellect
  • Dancer's Silhouette
  • Lesser Golem Armor(Renamed Greater Golem Armour)
  • Warlord's Breastplate
  • Shield of Prator
  • Book of Evocation
  • Crossbow of Lightning Strike
  • Helm of Darkness
  • Battle Legion Bow

Addition to Spells[]


Horizikaul's Boom: level 1
Deafening Clang: level 1
Shadow Conjuration: level 2
Greater Shadow Conjuration: level 4
Shades: level 6

Player Suggestion[]

UD Guild areas opened up - MarauderDeuce
Modifying Wands - Pfizzgig
File Download - Splat
Ultra Rare Review - Forum Discussion
Enhanced Armours - Cedon

Adorned Armours - Cedon

Bug Fixes[]

Tombstones - Angakoq
Riddler Tokens - Alkarl
General typos fixed - Katheraine, André Axe'm,Fraggermuffin, KittyCatArcane, Alkarl

Crafter Title Rename- RJSmith/Anno Julius

Deleted Maps[]

Deletion of these maps allows us to make new areas for Mythic Levels

Chaulssin - Arach-Tinilith - Crypt Chamber
Chaulssin - Arach-Tinilith - Crypt Llar
Chaulssin - Arach-Tinilith - Chapel
Coldblood Swamp
Emrys - Rogues Rest - Level 1
Emrys - Rogues Rest - Moepelars Maze
Emrys - Rogues Rest - Chess Room
Emrys - Rogues Rest - Layoric's Tomb
Emrys - Betty's Boutique
Emrys - Eve's Deity Service
Emrys - Village Mall
Faction Leaders Map
Fakualt - Bear Cave
Fakualt - Magic Shop
Fakualt - Gypsy Camp
Helios Toilet Sewers
Helios Valley - Crypt
Helios Valley - Evil Cave
Helios North Woods Upper
Ibitz Stahn - Palace - Courtyard
Ibitz Stahn - Magic Shop
Loknar Werneth Draa
Loknar Luent Quen
Loknar Luent Draa
Loknar - Caves Ilar
Misty Isle - Ruins of Myth Olin - Crypt ( Misty Isle - Ruins of Myth Olin - Crypt- Lower renamed to Misty Isle - Ruins of Myth Olin - Crypt )
Nailo Crypt Entrance
Ornal - Briasfay Cave
Outer Plane - Limbo
Outer Plane - Mechanus
Penna - HobGoblin Cave Entrance
Sholo - Shadow Lair - Inner
Tobaro - Meeting Hall
Ziegen Sewer
Ziegen Sewer Lower
Ziegen Sewer Nest

Ziegen - Old Crypt Chamber

Crafting Changes[]

New Icons for certain items.
The GP requirments for Peerless & Superlative items has been halfed.
The Gem Exchanger now cost 1/2 the price to upgrade your gems.Low level crafted armour has been reviewed. The base value of the item has been reduced inline with standards items. This was done so they are worth making and adding to PC stores.

Story Plot[]

The Twelve Pillars of Wisdom[]

Orcish philosophy is a much-maligned academic specialty. The previous occupant of the “Tulmagg Stool of Comparative Philosophy*”, the sage Moroun-Oxy had theorised that the universe was governed by great forces which he called the “twelve pillars of wisdom”.  These twelve pillars set all the basic “constants’ of the universe. Sadly for the field of Orcish philosophy, further speculation was interrupted, when during a vigorous doctoral dissertation presentation on “Survival of the Fittest”, Moroun lost the debate.

It was a great setback for Orcish philosophy and perhaps for the world, in that Moroun-Oxy was suprisingly correct.

Lord Ao could not help but notice when the Great Machine wobbled, tottered and for a second stayed stationary. With the gimbals thus disengaged, he heard the chocks released and then a governor engaged. Four times before the Great Machine had precessed through all the permutations and then locked in the new constant.

Casting his perception out into the Multiverse Lord Ao sought to see what had changed.

Deep in the swamp the frogs sensed it first. Something was changing in the nature of “swamp”. Tremors ripped through the land, great cracks opened and where there had been water, the land became as dust. As a species, frogs are quite capable of surviving extended periods of drought. Their eggs possess the ability to generate a hard leathery outer covering, that preserves the internal moisture and protects the precious contents during times of adversity.  More advanced amphibian species tend to have evolved away from this safety net. Which, had he still been alive, Moroun Oxy would have said was a very short sighted decision by the Lizard Man race.

In the mountains of Emrys, the potassium atoms of the local anorthosite were replaced with sodium atoms. The change in valence generated a rhombic cleavage fault and the great rock shelf shifted and crashed to the plains below. If the Azile golem noticed, it did not show any sign of doing so.

In the outer plane called Thanatos, the planar boundaries buckled and warped.  Deep within his cavern, the ruler of the dimensional pocket felt his planar control stripped from him. Gone in an instant were the protections that stopped others from magically entering his realm. Grabbing his mighty pitchfork, Omadon summoned his servitors, company was coming and plenty of it.

They called themselves the “triad”. The number implied three, but perhaps it was just misdirection. The stakes they played for were very high and should Lord Ao find out, the costs of failure were divine. They too had sensed the great machine slow and the imminent change. In that moment, they had an opportunity to use their powers, in a way that should not be traceable back to them. Together they did, what any one of them could not do alone. Together they drew forth the great floating planar fortress called the Bastille and bound it to the world of Edon, leaving unmistakable traces in the weave. Lord Ao had forbidden any of them to use their powers to effect the multi-verse to come, but this was worth the risk. Besides, all the carefully prepared clues lead back to Mystra.

In Lord Ao’s throne room, the petitioner stood before the Overlord.

“So let me understand, you wish me to withdraw your divinity, temporarily?”

The robed figure nodded and then answered.

“As a god, I am forbidden to move against the other members of the pantheon, on pain of permanent loss of divinity. But your rules still hold…no two gods can share the same domain.”

“As you wish. Know this, should you survive until the Great Machine is finished its work, your divinity will be restored and with it any domains you have taken by force or subterfuge. Should you die, then it will be as if you never existed and you will be bound to the “Dreaming Gulfs” for eternity.”

Under the hood, the figure smiled. Faster than a pair of mortal eyes could see, a pair of silver blades flickered forth from the robes sleeves, traced an elegant pattern and returned to their hidden sheaths

“Godkiller, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think.”

The word spread quickly through the Emrys Underground.. A bounty, like none had seen before. haste runes, dragons slippers, thief’s hoods. All this and more for the one who destroyed Artemis Kai.

They were coming closer together and faster now. The number of possible combinations had started off almost infinite, but as each axis was locked down, the number of possible remaining permutations decreased exponentially. Even so, it caught Lord Ao by surprise when the machine stopped and the sixth axis locked.

“Too few Drow surviving….who would have thought that would be a problem?” Lord Ao mused.

A single black stone lay in demonic hands. Warped and gnarled, shattered and twisted and yet the power within was evident for all to see.

“Find them….find them Rife Claw….you have failed to destroy their crafters, failed to destroy their crafting halls. Do not fail me in this. Krensibhon is the proverbial two edged sword. With these we will be unstoppable but if the Edonites find them…”

“Well I had been warned” the woman thought, “its not even as if I was totally innocent. ”

Lord Ao’s domain was not judgement, but his actions had been quick and severe. The once “Mistress of Magic” found herself wandering the streets of a mortal realm. Mortal perhaps but not powerless, Lord Ao may have removed her divinity, but he could not remove her link to the weave or her knowledge of the Mythic magics. Now all she needed was the spark of the divine to regain her full magics.

The former god knew of the planar fortress they called the Bastille and she knew she had been framed for its return. She had her suspicions (as she suspected Lord Ao did), but before she could react, she needed sanctuary and allies 

Sighting the flag with the symbol of the 12 moons, Mystra set off across the square, “Tahlia will help”.…

Under the tree outside the Helios Cathedral, the usual suspects looked up as the woman passed. She was stunning but then, with the notable exception of Gulda Hensch , Helios was not short of attractive women.

One set of eyes followed her across the square to the Order of the Arcane.

“See something you like?” asked one of the stragglers

A pair of silver daggers flickered in the light and them vanished back into the sleeves.

“No harm in just looking”

* Due to continued decreases in student attendance the Tulmagg Chair of Comparative Philosophy has been downgraded first to a stool and is now known as the Tulmagg Unicycle of Comparative Philosophy.