Storyline Plot[]

Old nursery rhyme “My father’s house has a thousand doors” ran through Custos’ mind.

“Or at least it would have, had I had a father and if the number of doors stayed stable.” New doors appeared and some vanished. The planes were in a state of flux and that was reflected in the portals to them. But one door was a special mystery, it came and went to no discernible pattern and seemed to connect to any and all places in the multiverse. It was also the only door for which Custos did not have a key.

Which was why, when he sensed that door opening, Custos immediately investigated

“Oh, its you”

“You were expecting someone else?”

“No. When I think about it, only you could do this.”

The newcomer did not smile. Indeed no one could remember having ever seen him smile. He reached into a pocket of the robe he wore and produced a key.

“I gather you would like this?”

“I would, but I assume there is a price?”

A slow nod followed. “Two things, You tell the mortals how to tap the power, that they can now gain…”

Custos nodded, “and the second?”

“No one must ever know I am behind this.”

Custos hurried back to his post, a brand new key in his hand. The key was like nothing he had ever seen, composed of extraordinary and extremely rare materials from the outer planes and the deepest abyss. Briefly he wondered whether the materials had other applications and then decided he need not worry. The mortals were clever, if it had other uses, they would work it out soon enough.


In this update players will be able to achieve the start of the Mythic Levels, that is level 41 – 46.

I would like to thank Andre Axem for all of his efforts in not just bringing extra levels but all the extra Feats and spells that come with it.A lot of the required information can be found here :-

Rothbart has also been working hard on some new maps and new content for us to go play in. We have opened up the 1st section of this content and will add the new areas as we go. I would also like to thank Rothbart in seeing his vision through, almost a year ago the idea of Scourge & Mythic content surfaced and that vision has has slowly been taking form, this update and a few after it will see the scourge Story line continue to support the new Mythic content.

I would also like to thank all of the testers who have spent countless hours testing all of the new content.

On a lesser note I have reviewed some of the Robes, these include Dex Fighter, Rogue & Ranger. We have added a new set of robes for Clerics.

These new robes do not have any class requirements to wear them. Dex Barbarian and Arcane Archer have been removed, with Dex Paladin being questioned for the chopping block.